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Running To Stop The Traffik is a youth-led organization with a mission to end Trafficking In Persons (TIP) and modern-day slavery by funds and awareness raised through youth engagement and leadership. Since its inception in 2010, the 24 Hour Race movement has engaged more than 100,000 youths and raised more than USD 550,000 for our beneficiaries.

We're looking for motivated students from local and international schools around Singapore who are passionate and positive in participating in the race this year!

Eligiblity: Runners aged 14 to 21 / Has to be in an institution 


In Singapore we are running for


You can engage in the race in multiple ways:

Team Leader:

Being a team leader encompasses leading, running and encouraging your team to persevere through the 24 hours. A team leader should also be capable of fundraising, with support and help from the Organising Committee, to raise the maximum amount possible for our grassroots anti-slavery beneficiaries.

A team leader's responsibilities:

  1. Recruit your members (8 in a team including yourself), train and motivate your team members

  2. Spread the news about our race and work with other team leaders in your school to widen our outreach to the entire school

  3. Liaise with the organising committee regarding communications, fundraising, and beneficiaries

Are you ready to lead your team? 



Marshals are crucial to the execution of a smooth, successful race. We need motivated students who will ensure that all participants are safe, healthy, following the rules and, enthusiastic! It's a great service opportunity and to be involved with a truly unique event.

A Marshall's responsibilities:

  1. Ensure runner's safety and well-being, whether this be on or off the track.
  2. Managing the race day activities and helping out with any odd jobs around the race village that might arise

We need your help today!


First Aid:

The health and safety of our runners are of top priority. If you have the qualifications and want to put those skills to use, join our first aid team today!

A first aider's responsibilities:

  1. Provide medical care to those in need at the race under the instruction of a first aid leader
  2. Work with your medical team to make sure there is a coverage of the event throughout the entire duration.

If you are eligible, please volunteer!

What you'll get from this is a chance to lead yourself, your team, your school and your community in a massive youth-led, philanthropic effort to combat modern slavery, where your impact on the lives of the enslaved will resonate through society and multiply exponentially.

See you at the race!