be at the forefront of the 24 Hour Race mission:

to challenge Our Generation to lead global action against slavery through the 24 Hour Race Movement.


Community Leadership

Lead advocacy and raise funds to fight against the greatest challenge of our generation: Slavery, through bringing an incredible youth movement to your community.

Social Innovation

Challenge the status quo of Events, awareness and fundraising for social causes. Be part of the 24 Hour Race, a newer, more entrepreneurial approach to address slavery.

International Network

With 6 cities planned in 2016, join an international network of young people who are committed to the same cause, who are challenging themselves to lead global action against slavery.


Gen Hu

Director of Events & Logistics, HK (2015)

NOW: Harvard University

I've learnt skills that I will use for a lifetime. Organising such a large scale race, I've really learnt to organise my time and plan for every scenario. Most importantly, I have learnt more about human trafficking, which was my main goal joining the 24 hour race.

Oliver Hsu

Executive Director, HK (2014)

NOW: Princeton University

Cindy Leow

Executive Director, KL (2015)

Out of everything, however, it was that sense of urgency, the need to produce something great and to make an impactful change that gave me energy to continue.


Vallesca Da Silva

Executive Director, SG (2014)

NOW: The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The event was epic. We had a blast bringing together some many students from our Singapore student community. The Race was a celebration of what we accomplished for a good cause.

Avi BharWaney

Director of Finance & Sponsorship, HK (2014)

NOW: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

When we started I didn't really believe that we could pull off such an ambitious, exciting event. For every success we had a couple of failures, but we persisted, and I learned that I was capable of much more than I thought.

Kasumi Higewake

Executive Director, KL (2014)

NOW: Sydney University

When I signed up, I knew little about human trafficking in Malaysia. I struck up a friendship with Anderson, the director of Suka Society. He helped me learn about the real tragedy of people trapped in these situations. I was proud to make a small contribution to the cause.

Adam Zoen

Director of Health & Safety, HK (2014)

NOW: Williams College

I remember at 9am, 24 hours after the event began, I forgot all about the stress of the previous months, and it was the greatest feeling of success I have ever felt.


Application Period: March 17 - 31, 2016

This application is for Directors of Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, And Singapore events only.

Other volunteer and marshalling opportunities will be available in the future.


Applications Closed


Executive Director

  • Lead your team to create an incredible event that will engage your community in a great cause. Lead your team to set strategies, goals and execute.
  • Manage the event budget and implement accounting operations to ensure proper allocation of money and resources to ensure a zero cost event.
  • Collaborate with leaders at HQ and other cities to share resources and create an international youth movement to end slavery.

Advocacy & Impact Director

  • Engage schools, students, teachers and parents in the movement, devising strategies to fundraise and advocate for 24 Hour Race efforts.
  • Communicate to donors, volunteers and supporters the impact they are making for the cause, and how their dollars are being spent on the grassroots level.

Business Development Director

  • What are the partnerships both in-cash/ in-kind that you need to make the event a zero cost event? Plan, prospect and engage corporates and sponsors through event partnerships.
  • Work across borders to create cross-city sponsorship opportunities for partners to engage in the movement.

Events & Logistics Director

  • Create a bulletproof rundown of the most awesome event ever, and work backwards to secure all the resources that you need, covering volunteers, marshals, health and safety and more.
  • Come up with creative ways to engage the youth audience on event day, ensuring that the event is fun and engaging, yet the serious message of the cause is conveyed and advocated.

Marketing & Public Relations Director

  • Make sure everyone in your community hears about the movement and the event by devising digital and physical marketing strategies, and running advocacy campaigns.
  • Engage the press and local ministries in the movement, so that the voices of all the young people participating in 24 Hour Race events can be amplified.


(subject to updates)

  • Mar 31: Director application deadline (HK, KL, SG)
  • Apr: Interviews
  • May: Team confirmed, planning, training & on-boarding
  • Jun: Getting started
  • Mid Jul - Aug: Directors Summit in HK
  • Jul - Oct: Getting sh*t done
  • Nov: 24 Hour Races in HK, KL & SG


How does being a Director fit into my high school curriculum?

Being a Director will equip you with more than 300 hours of social innovation volunteering experience, which will add a unique page to your final 2 years of high school. Apart from the entrepreneurship skills you will learn from our Playbook, working with HQ and on-the-job, this will no doubt be an experience that will define you in the future.

What is the application process like?

The application form is straight forward, and will be followed by either a one-to-one interview with HQ, or an on-site group interview. Get a feel for what kind of leader we are looking for by exploring the content on this website, and then just be yourself.