Apply to be a Director for the 24 Hour race using this link


be at the forefront of the 24 Hour Race mission

to challenge Our Generation to lead global action against slavery through the 24 Hour Race Movement


Community Leadership

Lead ADVOCACY and raise funds to fight against the greatest challenge of our generation

Social Innovation

Be part of the 24 Hour Race and take a fresh, unique approach to a historic issue

International network

connect with committed young entrepreneurs around the world to lead global action against slavery

Available roles


Executive Director

  • Lead your team to set strategies, goals and execute
  • Manage the event budget to ensure a zero cost event
  • Collaborate with leaders at HQ and other cities to share resources and create an international youth movement to end slavery

Marketing Director

  • Engage the public in the movement and devise strategies to fundraise and advocate for 24 Hour Race efforts
  • Communicate to donors, volunteers and supporters the impact they are making for the cause
  • Promote and advertise the race through a verity of means while seeking to build brand awareness.

Business Development Director

  • Plan, prospect and engage corporates and sponsors through event partnerships
  • Work across borders to create cross-city sponsorship opportunities for partners to engage in the movement

Operations Director

  • Work with Event Partners to create a bulletproof rundown of the most awesome event ever 
  • Come up with creative ways to entertain the youth audience on event day while ensuring that the serious message of the cause is conveyed 

Community Director

  • Work to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders - runners, alumni, teachers, parents, schools, etc.
  • Make a big event feel small.
  • Create newsletters, organise all volunteers, and make sure thousands of high school students and adults are taken care of. 


24 Hour Race is REVOLUTIONISING the Director's programme.

24 Hour Race is introducing the Y-combinator, the "Harvard" for startups, to social entrepreneurship. Y-combinator equips entrepreneurs with the skills to grow their businesses into multi-billion dollar, world-defining organisations including Airbnb, DropBox, Twitch and Stripe. 

Our program, 24PIONEER, has a simple goal: to give every participant the skills to build global enterprises, from scratch. Our 8-week syllabus will give you:

  • Online lectures from some of the greatest entrepreneurs alive today
  • A monthly "hackathon" to solve a key issue directors face in organising the 24 Hour Race
  • An official diploma that will be recognised by universities already familiar with our work

The 24 Hour Race has proven that too often we underestimate the grit and determination of young people to make a difference. We all know that school doesn't necessarily provide the skills you need to start your own business - and we want to fill that gap. 

Gen Hu

Director of Events & Logistics, HK (2015)

Harvard University

Organising such a large scale race, I've learnt skills that I will use for a lifetime.

Adam Zoen

Director of Health & Safety, HK (2014)

 Williams College

I remember at 9am, 24 hours after the event began, I forgot all about the stress of the previous months, and it was the greatest feeling of success I have ever felt.



Avi BharWaney

Director of Finance & Sponsorship, HK (2014)

 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

At first I wasn't really convinced that we could pull off such an ambitious, exciting event but we persisted and I learned that I was capable of much more than I thought.

Cindy Leow

Executive Director, KL (2015)

Minerva Schools

It was that sense of urgency, the need to produce something great that gave me energy to continue.