The 24 Hour Races are run and led by students entirely. Every aspect of the races are a direct expression of youth philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Through our events we bring the issue of modern day slavery closer to local communities and raise funds for anti-slavery programmes.

All fundraising by students go to anti-slavery programmes through the Running To Stop The Traffik Beneficiary Network.

Administration Expenses for Running To Stop The Traffik are covered by third-party patrons.


What is Running To Stop The Traffik?

Running To Stop The Traffik (RTST) is the official charity organisation behind the 24 Hour Races. Incorporated in Hong Kong in 2014, RTST gained official charity status in 2015 according to Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong SAR.

RTST was founded by Christopher Schrader (founder of the 24 Hour Race) in order to ensure the growth and development of the 24 Hour Races.


Are donations tax deductible?

All donations are tax deductible within Hong Kong SAR and each donor will receive a tax deductible receipt. We typically issue the receipts a month after the donations have been received. At this point, we cannot issue tax deductibility in other jurisdictions.


Who are the beneficiaries of the 24 Hour Races?

All donations raised by students go to the Running To Stop The Traffik Beneficiary Network. Each race focuses on a different organisation that receives funds collected by RTST in the following year. That means, the funds raised in 2016 will be distributed in early 2017 for anti-slavery programmes. The majority of programmes focus on direct victim relief and rescue operations. A small proportion of the funds is used for awareness campaigns and growth of 24 Hour Races. 


Are there any fees in my donation?

The online donation gateway charges around 3.4% for credit card transactions. That means if you donate HKD 100, we will effectively receive HKD 96.6. There is no additional charge or fee.


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