All fundraising by students go to anti-slavery programmes through the Running To Stop The Traffik Beneficiary Network.

Administration Expenses for Running To Stop The Traffik are COVERED BY THIRD-PARTY PATRONS.



As much as we are trying to get sponsors for our events, in some years we needed additional funds to cover the event cost. In any case we have always donated more than 95% for our beneficiaries.

Since we started raising more than HKD 2 million in 2015, we are releasing the funds to our beneficiaries in several installments throughout 2016 to ensure high level of accountability.

Thousands, Hong Kong Dollars. Funds raised in 2015 are scheduled to be donated to beneficiaries until the end of 2016


We strive to organise zero costs events. We do this by building relationships with our partners that allow them to support us while building their brand and CSR portfolios in a meaningful way. We charge registration fees solely to cover participation costs (such as race shirts, and other event related materials).


Audited Accounts

We got incorporated in Hong Kong in 2014 and gained charity status in 2015. All fundraising, financials and donations before 2014/15 were handled by trusted charity partners, hence are not reflected in our accounts.

If you are interested in detailed audited accounts, please contact us.