General Race Details

19 November 2016

Race Start at 9:00 am


Hong Kong

Venue: Victoria Peak

Entry Fee: HKD 100




Venue: Pasir Ris Park, Singapore

Entry Fee: SGD 20



Kuala Lumpur

Venue: IGB International School

Entry Fee: MYR 60

Team Size: 8 runners per team (including Team leader)

Minimum Fundraising: MYR 2,000 (per team)

Entry Fees

The Entry Fees are charged per runner and are solely to cover the basic event expenses. Neither the 24 Hour Race nor Running To Stop The Traffik gain any profit for the collected entry fees. The fee includes for each runner: t-shirts a goodie bag as well as meals! Details on the fee collection will follow via email.


More people today are enslaved than at any other time in human history. 

Out of 45 million slaves, only 44,000 are rescued every year. In no country is this practice legal, yet its injustice leaves none unaffected. Modern slavery denies victims the right to freedom and dignity by exploiting them for monetary or personal gain. More than half of them are women, while more than a quarter of them are under 18. As time goes on, an increasing number children are being born into slavery.

Modern slavery is hidden in red light districts and factories, on fishing boats and farms, in our food supply chains and in our homes. Slavery’s many labels include human trafficking, forced labor, debt bondage and domestic servitude. 

A 24 Hour Race is continuous relay race. It spans 24 hours, over one night. Team leaders recruit members to run for 24 consecutive hours in a relay. Teams raise funds and awareness to support anti-slavery charities. 

24 Hour Race is organized at zero cost. It is funded through in-kind or cash sponsorships. All funds raised by the students will go directly to our beneficiaries.


Can teams be co-ed?



Co-ed teams are allowed as long as they consist of 4 male and 4 female runners. This is to ensure that we have a fair award category for this type of team. The co-ed teams will be awarded separately from the boys and girls teams.


What's the age range for runners?

Runners can be from 13 to 21 years old. Team Leaders have to be older than 15.


Can team members be from different schools?

Yes, but it is highly discouraged. Having members from different schools will make coordinating your team a hassle. Inter-school teams are given a lower priority for race participation.


Do I really have to run for 24 Hours?

If you want to win: yes!

The rule is that one runner per team has to be on the track during the entire 24 hours. Once a team stops, it gets disqualified. But you can run or walk at your pace. Just keep moving for 24 hours, that's the minimum.



What are team leaders?

The team leader is the member of your team who will lead your team to raise funds and awareness, and motivate your team on race day. They will relay information between you and the Organizing Committee. To find out more about what being a team leader entails click here. Team leader applications close on 21 September.


Which charities are the 24 Hour Races sponsoring?


We are supporting different charities for each race. Follow us on facebook and check out our partner sections to learn more.



What is the race like?

Runners run in relay for 24 hours. Team leaders are expected to arrange sleeping and running schedules for their teams so that there is one team member running at all times. Each runner can run multiple laps if desired. A baton will be passed between changing runners.

Of course, the race doesn’t only consist of running! There will be fun activities, challenges and games throughout the day that runners can partake in, food stalls selling some delicious delicacies, and a music festival that you can invite friends and family to. Be ready to make new friends from schools all around the city!


Will there be prizes or awards for the race?

Yes! Prizes will be awarded to the team that runs the most laps (split into girls and boys) and for the team that raises the most money.