General Race Details

19 November 2016

Race Start at 9:00 am


Hong Kong

Venue: Victoria Peak

Entry Fee: HKD 80


Minimum Fundraising: HKD 10,000 (per team)



Venue: Pasir Ris Park, Singapore

Entry Fee: SGD 20


Minimum Fundraising: SGD 1,200 (per team)


Kuala Lumpur

Venue: IGB International School

Entry Fee: MYR 60

Team Size: 8 runners per team (including Team leader)

Minimum Fundraising: MYR 2,000 (per team)


Entry Fees

The Entry Fees are charged per runner and are solely to cover the basic event expenses. Neither the 24 Hour Race nor Running To Stop The Traffik gain any profit for the collected entry fees. The fee includes for each runner: t-shirts a goodie bag as well as meals! Details on the fee collection will follow via email.

*this registration form is for the Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore races only! Regular Runner registration will open after the team leaders have been signed up


Team Leader Expectations

Throughout this experience, your leadership, communication and organisation skills will play a big role. It is a chance for all team leaders to either learn or refine these soft skills. It is an opportunity to lead not just your team, but also the people around you and your community, to join the largest youth movement against modern slavery in Asia. 


Recruit and Lead your Runners

You are expected to form a team of 8 of the same gender and school and guide them through fundraising and preparation for the race. Once you have formed your team, you will henceforth be in charge of organizing your team in efforts to raise money and awareness about the 24 Hour Race and modern slavery, as well as ensuring that each member is physically fit enough to endure the race itself. As a team leader, you are required to monitor the progress of your team to make sure that all deadlines are reached.

Before race day, you will lead your team to raise funds and awareness about the 24 Hour Race and modern slavery. Additionally, you should coordinate sleeping schedules, organize the relay system with your team, and ensure that each member is physically fit to endure the race itself. 

On race day, you will need to motivate your team to push through the 24 hours, particularly during the hottest times of day and the early morning hours. Above all, safeguard the health and safety of your team. 

Remember, being a leader doesn’t just mean telling people what to do -  it’s also helping people reach their goals!

24 Hour Race Booth 1.jpg

Raise Funds for the Cause

Each team has to fundraise for our beneficiaries. You will lead your team to organize fundraisers and convince people to donate. 

Upon registration, we will send you a guide for both online and offline fundraising so that your team can come up with a feasible gameplan for how you would reach the fundraising goals.

To ensure that this is achieved, there will be 4 separate deadlines with progressive fundraising targets. You will ensure that enough funds are raised to meet these deadlines. We understand that this is something most are unfamiliar with and are here to give you full support, particularly through your team mentor!


Be present at online and physical meetups

After Team Leader registration have closed, there will be an online meeting to brief you in detail and address any of your questions. 

There will also be two physical meetups at each fundraising deadline, of which you are required to attend at least one, to collect any cash raised offline and to help us track your progress. The OrgCom will relay important information at these meetings


LIAISE regularly with the Organizing Committee

You will be the bridge of communication between your team and the organizing committee. Thus, you will be expected to report team progress to the OrgCom periodically and relay information from OrgCom to your runners. We are also happy to help you with any issues and answer any questions you may have!

In addition to this, there are some forms that have to be submitted, such as indemnity forms for all runners. You are also expected to ensure that these forms are filled out with the correct information and submitted on time.



Make sure your team follows race-day rules

All runners are expected to adhere to the rules of the race to ensure the safety of all participants, and uphold the integrity of the race. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. 


Find chaperones

Each team must have a chaperone who is above 18 years old. The chaperone is expected to be present throughout the entire duration of the race. This is purely for safety reasons.

This can be a teacher, a friend, parents, or anyone else that is familiar with all of your team members.