Race will be brought to a halt in case of any event that does or potentially and seriously may endanger the participants, the public or organisers:

      Serious injury/illness requiring evacuation by ambulance or helicopter or medical procedures inhibiting traffic on the course

      Large, unforeseen event or danger (riot/protest, crime, car accident, etc) that endangers participants and staff

      Rain or thunderstorm that is deemed unsafe, but not under the cancellation policy

      Missing person search exceeding 2 hours after initial report

      A request from authority


      The on-site race director has the absolute authority to take the decision to halt the race

      The Race Directors will communicate with the CEO and a board member where possible to arrive at the decision.


      Race pause timer starts and time is added back afterwards.

      The Race Directors will communicate with the CEO and a board member to arrive at the decision.

      If the race restarts, all teams start again at same time.


      Forest Fire



      A cancellation or halt will be considered for red and black rainstorm






      Requires an agreement between the Board, CEO and Orgcom

      Collect team captains at VIP area for briefing

      Official communications (Police, press, authorities) to be made through board or affiliated adults present

      The press liaison is to work with board on press statement. Press statement to include facts as these develop and a positive message about RTST



      Call all Marshal Stations

      Runners stay with closest Marshals station they approach, runners remain at station until Marshals are given signal by H&S at base via walkie talkie. Base is to wait 5 minutes before giving any signals.

      Marshals and runners are to wait at their respective stations until signaled by H&S to walk back to base

      One station at a time will return to base starting with the first marshal station and moving to the last. Wait one minute between each dismissal.

      Once arriving at base, runners are to go to their designated school area.

      Volunteers are to go to the first aid tent to have attendance taken.


      No runner/participant is allowed to leave.

      Schools take attendance

      If there is a missing participant, refer to the “Missing Persons” contingency plan

      Hold a team leaders meeting

      Explain race cancellation and purpose for cancellation

      Explain evacuation procedure

      Explain their role in the evacuation


      First school dismissed as soon as soon as attendance is taken held.

      Dismiss schools in order of closeness to course exit

      Volunteers go with their respective schools



      Absent responsible teacher: School team participation is halted and team is requested to leave unless teacher is found

      Participant under 14 years of age:

      If the H&S team has reason to believe a runner under the age of 14 is participating in the race, the following action will be taken:

      Runner will be asked to produce proof of age by H&S & OrgCom team members

      If the runner cannot provide proof of age or is proved to be under 14, they will be asked to leave the race and their team will be disqualified

      Orgcom shall fill out an “Individual Disqualification Form” and the “Team Disqualification Form”

      Public on course after hours: No one except runners, teachers and immediate support are allowed to be present after the time negotiated with authorities

      People who do not fall into the above categories are reminded to leave

      24 Hour Race is obligated to enforce this due to the boundaries of our permits. If the person refuses to leave:

      The officer should contact OrgCom, and OrgCom should contact the police.

      An affiliated team of uninvited guests may be disqualified.

      Disqualification: no participation in the race by any member of that team

      The team will be asked to leave the grounds upon disqualification.

      Conduct / disruptive behaviour / vandalism

      Drug policy Zero strike rule: see drug policy

      1 strike rule - participants not abiding by rules receive a only one warning

      A warning can be given by an Orgcom member and should also be passed to the Teacher of the team.

      A second misdemeanor results in disqualification.

      Disqualification results in measures including but not limited to:

      Removal from the area

      Disqualification of the team or school

      Halting of race


      Cheating is defined as the breaking of any of the rules specified in the 2015 Race Rules

      1 strike policy; 2nd offence results in team disqualification.

      Inform OrgCom


      Use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco

      There is a no strike policy with regards to the usage of alcohol, cigarettes and illegal substances as defined by the law of the race’s country by any participant or staff member

      The identification of any participant being engaged in any of these activities will result in disqualification for their team

      When a participant identifies a substance abuse issue, they are to report it to OrgCom who will then…

      Approach & detain the individual (The Executive Director, H&S Manager, Race Day Medical Officer, and Events & Logistics Director should all be present)

      Fill out the “Individual Disqualification Form” & report the individual to his/her appropriate school

      Remove the individual from the premises


      Disputes between schools

      The race is a ‘friendly event’ with a strong competitive element. Tact and firm decisions will be needed to contain disputes.

      Remind all parties of the event’s purpose and express a message of goodwill, benevolence, respect and collaboration

      Listen to both parties

      All disputes to be discussed with OrgCom

      Resolution of situation to only be discussed with designated team leaders; sans presence of the rest of the team

      If teachers are involved, involve a board member or other affiliated adult.

      Disputes with public

      The public have rights: the right to use public facilities, the right not to be disturbed, etc. Be sensitive to their rights, always listen and resolve issues immediately if possible

      Contact OrgCom

      In the case of a dispute resulting in danger to any participant, contact law enforcement immediately

      Comments/Complaints by Public

      Complaints are to be taken seriously - involve a senior member (OrgCom, Board, etc)

      Make every effort to fix the source of the complaint

      If no immediate action needed, take details of person and inform them that 24 Hour Race will reply

      Pass said complaint to OrgCom


      All press inquiries are referred to the designated press liaison for handling and/or a Board Member.

      Press should receive a uniform message regarding the event.

      No comments are made regarding unrelated issues.

      Press message can cover any of three elements of 24 Hour Race: 24 Hour Race is about endurance sports, the fight against Human Trafficking, and youth empowerment.

      The race is in a public area and press and the public can not be refused access. Refer to Disputes if a conflict arises. If need be, seek support from the police. 


      For all protocols and procedures regarding sickness and injury, please refer to the 24 Hour Race “First Aid Protocols” booklet.


      While we cannot ban animals on the race course, participants are requested not to bring pets to the event

      Any animal entering the main concourse

      With a handler

      The handler will be asked to remove the animal from the premises due to safety concerns

      If they refuse, explain to them the safety concerns

      Possible allergic reactions

      Safety hazards to both animals and people

      Interactions between domestic and wild animals

      If the animal is without a handler,

      Move all individuals away from the animal

      Try to make the animal flee, but do not provoke it

      If the animal does not leave and is deemed a threat to health & safety, contact police


      All participants of the event are logged into a master log. Furthermore, all schools must keep their own log of participants.

      The Missing Persons protocol will be triggered in the event of a suspected missing person:

      Set up a command post: i.e. the timekeeping zone, which will be taken control of by the Health & Safety Manager

      The Command Post to inform all marshal stations of person + their details

      Call Team Leader meeting

      Disseminate request to find person’s whereabouts via word of mouth

      Events & Logistics committee members to go on bicycles to search areas on track, off track, and branching paths for missing person

      The missing persons issue will be considered resolved when the person in question has been identified by both H&S and the person who raised the alert

      A missing person event that remains unresolved after 2 hours after the initial report will result in police involvement and halting of the race


The fire protocol will be triggered in the event of the emergence of any uncontrolled fire:

      Anyone who recognizes a fire should shout “FIRE!”

      If it is feasible and safe to do so, participants can attempt to put out the fire

      The participant who initially recognised the fire is responsible for reporting it to the nearest staff member or marshal station.

      The marshal station/staff member will notify the H&S Manager, who will then initiate:

      The evacuation of the area

      The retrieval of fire extinguishers and an attempt to put out the fire (if appropriate)

      If the fire cannot be put out:

      The Fire Department will be called

      Relevant authorities present at the event will be informed and asked to help facilitate evacuation

      All marshal stations will be briefed with regards to method by which they should evacuate runners (dependent on location of fire)

      All participants at HQ are asked to assemble in front of a pre-determined meeting point.

      RTST Staff will immediately initiate a headcount, and inform authorities should any issue arise

      Evacuation Procedure

      Refer to evacuation procedure above.

      Know location of fire fighting equipment


      Involve teachers and/or police for presumed theft

      Have a central collection point for lost & found

      Brief marshals and runners to look out for unmanned items


      An threat of an act of terrorism should not be taken lightly (bomb threat, suspicious behaviour/parcel, weapons). In all cases, the police should be informed immediately

      Record all the details of the threat including where and how it was received, the message of the threat, the description of the terrorist’s voice or figure (if available)

      Then the recipient should contact the Executive Director

      The Executive Director should contact the 24 Hour Race staff representative & Health and Safety Manager & Global, Health, Safety, & Security Coordinator

      These individuals should then immediately notify the security patrol (if hired) and the police

      If deemed necessary by police, the race course shall be quarantined (no one will be allowed to enter or exit), but the race shall not be stopped nor shall participant's or other staff be notified

      Guards shall be posted throughout the race course

      All participants will be subject to random search by police and security forces if deemed necessary

      Race may be halted and/or evacuation procedures initiated under the direction of police

      In the event of a terrorist attack, an immediate call for security services (fire, ambulance, police) is made and the race is stopped. All participants leave the scene if possible for the assembly points. Instructions of police or other security personnel will be strictly followed.

      The Executive Director should contact the 24 Hour Race staff representative & Health and Safety Manager & Global, Health, Safety, and Security Coordinator.

      Person with a weapon (Note: a weapon is defined as any instrument or tool with the sole purpose of causing bodily harm.) You may presume that the carrying of weapons in your location is illegal.

      In the event a person is found with a weapon in their belongings

      Call the police

      The Executive Director should contact the 24 Hour Race staff representative & Health and Safety Manager & Global, Health, Safety, and Security Coordinator.