Lugard road, the peak


December 2nd


  Name:  Andrea Zoen  Title:  Events and Logistics Director  High School:  South Island School

Name: Andrea Zoen
Title: Events and Logistics Director
High School: South Island School

  Name:  Madeleine Walker  Title:  Communications Director  High School:  Kellett School

Name: Madeleine Walker
Title: Communications Director
High School: Kellett School

  Name:  Christina Li  Title:  Business Management Director  High School:  Chinese International School

Name: Christina Li
Title: Business Management Director
High School: Chinese International School

  Name:  Shloka Sahoo  Title:  Advocacy And Impact Director  High School:  Li-Po United World College

Name: Shloka Sahoo
Title: Advocacy And Impact Director
High School: Li-Po United World College

  Name:  Bakhita Fung  Title:  Executive Director  High School:  Island School

Name: Bakhita Fung
Title: Executive Director
High School: Island School