Epsom college 

December 2nd


  Name:  En Jie Ng  Title:  Events and Logistics Director  High School:  Gardens International School 

Name: En Jie Ng
Title: Events and Logistics Director
High School: Gardens International School 

  Name:  Kimberley Kam  Title:  Communications Director  High School:  Australian International School Malaysia

Name: Kimberley Kam
Title: Communications Director
High School: Australian International School Malaysia

  Name:  Shreelakshmi Karthikeyan  Title:  Business Management Director  High School:  Gardens International School

Name: Shreelakshmi Karthikeyan
Title: Business Management Director
High School: Gardens International School

  Name:  Lisa Leveille   Title:  Advocacy And Impact Director  High School:  International School of Kuala Lumpur 

Name: Lisa Leveille
Title: Advocacy And Impact Director
High School: International School of Kuala Lumpur 

  Name:  Ying Xuan Chong  Title:  Executive Director  High School:  St Joseph's International Institution

Name: Ying Xuan Chong
Title: Executive Director
High School: St Joseph's International Institution