Types of Licenses

Starting a race comes with a three year growth plan. That means we want you to start something that lasts. The baton shall be passed on to the next generation to create an even bigger race. Therefore we have three different types of licenses:


Up to 150 Runners in the 1st year

1st Year - Incubation License

The race is young and requires a lot of support, therefore you are required to submit a set of supporting documents. You are required to submit a Race Plan and the Headquarter will review the documents. If we see that you are up to something, you will get an Incubation License that entitles you to host a race for up to 150 runners. The race can be cancelled by the headquarter if we foresee that the safety of the race is a concern.



2nd Year - Probationary License

After we received the Race Report for the first year, we assess the success of the race. If we see that it was successful, we will wait for a second generation of Student Directors, who will submit a set of supporting documents. We review again and will issue a Probationary License that entitles you to host a race for up to 300 runners.


More than 300 RUNNERS IN THE 3rd YEAR

3rd Year - Full License

Again we will require a Race Report that we carefully review. We will not require further supporting documents, and if we see that the city is ready we issue a Full License that entitles you to host a race for more than 300 runners. Additionally, you will be required to host a philanthropic event that engages adults in your community to amplify the fundraising.


Incubation License Required Documents

You can find the templates in the Start A 24 Hour Race Package


For Secondary Schools and High Schools

  • Signed statement of support from school principal
  • Signed statement of support from parent of initiator
  • Signed statement of support from Parent-Teacher association
  • Filled in Race Plan


  • Signed statement of support from parent of initiator (if you are younger than 18 years old)
  • Signed statement of support from University Representative (should be a staff member with decision making authority)
  • Filled in Race Plan

Questions regarding licenses


Who approves the license?

Documents are reviewed by Headquarter and approved by our board of directors. This represents a group of experienced individuals who have the capability of judging the application.


Who selects the Student Directors?

  • After the license has been issued, the Headquarter opens the applications for student directors
  • Interview process is conducted by the Headquarter, board member and former student directors
  • Headquarter announces the results of the selection process


How do I learn the required knowledge?

  • We conduct online learnings (webinars, playbook, online tools)
  • We assign student mentoring, that means former student directors assist you
  • The Headquarter facilitates your planning process and weekly progress


When will the event be canceled?

Our main criteria for cancelling an event are always:

  • Safety of the races

  • Community support

  • Break-even budget

Additionally we set you monthly milestones that you have to meet and prove to us (e.g. sponsorship targets, safety plans, etc.)