I. Registration

  1. Each school may enter up to three (3) teams for each of the boys and girls categories. Teams must be registered with the Organizing Committee (Race Directors) prior to the race through the team leaders.

  2. Each school must be accompanied by a faculty member or adult affiliated with the school at all times.

  3. Each runner is required to wear an identification wristband and individual number, which they cannot remove for the duration of the event. Any lap run by a runner not wearing a band and their number will not be counted.

  4. All runners must be of or older than 14 years of age at the time of the race.


II. Running

  1. Only one runner per boys or girls team is allowed on the track at once. This runner is required to be carrying their team’s designated baton.

  2. The track is defined two weeks before the race by the Organizing Committee

  • One lap is defined as a runner having run from the starting point, along the entire distance of the loop, and back to the starting point without deviating from the established track. Please see each races respective booklet for a map of the course.
  • Each runner must complete one whole lap before another runner may enter the course. Runners may choose to run multiple laps consecutively; however, they can only tag in the next runner at the completion of a lap. In the event of a medical issue requiring a runner to cease running their lap, that uncompleted lap can be discounted and the next runner may enter the course.
  • Each race should have a base/staging camp for registration, announcements, and entertainment around the starting line, and with a circuit distance 0.5km - 4km.


III. Lap Counting

  1. Runners must carry their team’s baton and clearly display their individual numbers to the lap-recording marshals as they run past the recording table for their lap to be counted.

  2. Laps are only to be counted between the official start and end of the race. The specific time period is defined by the Organizing Committee two weeks prior the race. Any lap completed outside of the specified time period will not be counted.

IV. Misconduct

  1. There is a no strike policy with regards to the usage of alcohol, cigarettes and illegal substances as defined by Hong Kong Law by any participant or staff member. The identification of any participant being engaged in any of these activities will result in disqualification for their team.

  2. The absence of a school’s responsible faculty member will result in a halting of their participation until said member can be located

  3. Attempted misidentification of another runner will result in team disqualification.


V. Disqualification


  1. The 24 Hour Race operates on a one strike policy with regards to cheating.

  2. The breaking of any of the rules (with the exception of the rules regarding substance usage) by any team member will result in a warning. Upon accumulation of a second warning, the team will be disqualified.

VI. Awards

  1. Awards given out at the completion of the 24 Hour Race should include:

    • Winners (Boys’; Girls’; Coed): Team that has ran the farthest collective distance in 24 hours.

    • Fastest Lap (Boys’; Girls’)

    • Most spirit (School)

    • Most funds raised (Individual; School)

    • Sportsmanship Recognition (Individual, several can be given based on nominations)


VI. Additional Remarks

  1. The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter any of the above rules without prior notice.

  2. Any and all decisions made by the Organising Committee are final and binding.

  3. Close the live result updates 6 hours before the race ends so that the winning team is only determined at the Closing Ceremony after the Race has completed.