Run in relay

A 24 Hour Race is a continuous relay race which makes it an event that spans over two days and requires careful preparation. Students run for their school teams for 24 non-stop around the course in a relay style. Each team has a standard ratio of boys and girls and once the team stops running, they lose.

Run by Students

The race is complete organized and planned by students of secondary education institutes (e.g. high schools). You will volunteer for it, advocate for the cause in your community and mobilize the youth around you. This makes the experience an entrepreneurial leadership opportunity, that you will remember for a lifetime.

The students in charge form an organizing committee “Student Directors” and receive intense support from the Headquarter in Hong Kong.



Run for Fundraising and Urgency

Every 24 Hour Race has a strong contribution towards creating awareness around modern day slavery and raising money to fund projects that reduce modern day slavery.


Run for Charity Partners to end slavery

Every 24 Hour Race has a carefully chosen beneficiary that the youth will run and fundraise for. The Student Directors are required to research charities that they want to dedicate the race to. Together with the Headquarter we chose the short list of charity partners and get in touch with them.



Run at zero costs

Through sponsorships in form of goods or cash we found our races. The aim is that all event costs are covered through third-party sponsors to maximize the fundraising for our charity partners. That process involves high requirement towards sales skills, coordination and delivery.




What a 24 Hour Race is not:

  • A 24 Hour Race isn’t an industry or marketing event.

  • A 24 Hour Race is not organized by or for religious or commercial groups.

  • A 24 Hour Race cannot partner with another race or event.

  • A 24 Hour Race can’t be co-branded with an institution, corporations and organizations.