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Create a 24 Hour Race experience

Endurance, mobilization, global and youth leadership, are just a few qualities that make a great 24 Hour Race. You’ll be expected to capture the spirit of 24 Hour Races in your event by taking leadership and advocating in your community. It is not only about creating a race, you are creating 24 Hours of excitement and entertainment.

Mobilize the local youth to join the global movement

Being a leader requires you to find followers to join the cause. You will be the driving force that stimulates fundraising to end slavery.



Ensure the safety of the race at any times

We had zero incidents in five years and we want to keep it that way. Together with professional paramedics, teachers and adults you will be held accountable for the safety of the race.

Lead your team

A group of organized, impassioned students can make one powerful race – they just need the guidance and support to make it happen. We know managing students can be tough work, but strong, thoughtful leadership can go a long way. Every person on your team (that includes runners too!) should feel like they’re part of a caring, trusting and accountable community. Be an advocate for them, and their support will follow.


Follow rules & guidelines

We get it: rules can be a pain. But there’s a reason they’re part of the 24 Hour Races – to make your job easier. The better you know the Race Rules and guidelines throughout your 24 Hour Race journey, the less you’ll have to deal with annoying details to correct later on. We promise.

Produce a great event

You’ll be responsible for creating a race that “wows” your runners and spectators. That takes a lot of creativity and work! So be prepared to be both organizer and creative director of your event.



Celebrate & protect the vision of our movement

By issuing you a license to host a 24 Hour Race, you’re representing the vision of the movement. That means it’s your job to make sure the vision and mission of the 24 Hour Race is protected and boldly celebrated. Use the 24 Hour Race logo often, understand and spread the idea of the 24 Hour Race.


Individual Directors' Responsibilities


Lead your team to create an incredible event that will engage your community in a great cause. Lead your team to set strategies, goals and execute.

Manage the event budget and implement accounting operations to ensure proper allocation of money and resources to ensure a zero cost event.

Collaborate with leaders at HQ and other cities to share resources and create an international youth movement to end slavery.


Work with schools, students, teachers and parents in the movement, devising strategies to fundraise and advocate for 24 Hour Race efforts.

Ensure that all safety regulations and assessments are thoroughly in place and communicated with all stakeholders.




What are the partnerships both in-cash/ in-kind that you need to make the event a zero cost event? Plan, prospect and engage corporates and sponsors through event partnerships.

Work across borders to create cross-city sponsorship opportunities for partners to engage in the movement.


Create a bulletproof rundown of the most awesome event ever, and work backwards to secure all the resources that you need, covering volunteers, marshals, health and safety and more.

Come up with creative ways to engage the youth audience on event day, ensuring that the event is fun and engaging, yet the serious message of the cause is conveyed and advocated.




Make sure everyone in your community hears about the movement and the event by devising digital and physical marketing strategies, and running advocacy campaigns.

Engage the press and local ministries in the movement, so that the voices of all the young people participating in 24 Hour Race events can be amplified.

Work with participants and teams to fundraise using creating means all the while communicating our message: fighting human trafficking.