Our Values


24 Hour Race is an exciting way to get young people involved in charity. Not a 10k walk, not a “show up for an hour and pat yourself on the back.” It is a challenge. You have to do it with your friends, in a team. Fun, exciting and tough.


We are building a cohesive global movement. Slavery is a global issue affecting every country and community. This is relevant everywhere. Young people all over the world share the hope to grow up in a better world, to change it for the better.


Slavery can only be ended with greater awareness, understanding, and urgency. 24 Hour Races are a unique, compelling, and successful way to bring that to a generation of youth all over the world. 


Young people organise the events, find local solutions to problems, grow professionally, learn about philanthropy, and become leaders in confronting slavery.


A student led movement

In 2010, Christopher Schrader had a vision to create an event that bridged extreme endurance with philanthropy. Working together for months with a group of students, the first 24 Hour Race took place in Hong Kong.

Since that first race the 24 Hour Race has rapidly expanded as a youth movement. Students plan the events, run the races, fund-raise and advocate in their communities. By providing a comprehensive timeline and framework for the students to put together the race, we nurture youth leadership and entrepreneurship with a philanthropic cause.

“Our mission is to challenge our generation to lead global action against slavery through the 24 Hour Race movement.”

Our event is a global movement that engages young people in a lifetime experience to raise awareness. When a student joins the race, their teachers, classmates, parents will be interested to know more about the cause. When 10 students are joining the race and fundraise in the campus, the whole school will learn about the cause, and people will discuss and talk about slavery issues. When thousands of students around the world are joining the race, it becomes a youth movement - the world leaders, the governments will take actions, make policies and conscious decisions with the stories of modern slavery victims in their mind.

students organize the race and the Headquarter supports their growth

The 24 Hour Race is a platform to empower youth. We provide opportunities for mentorship, professional development, leadership, and encourage durable philanthropic values in thousands of young people. We want young people to organize the events, find local solutions to problems, and grow professionally while learning about philanthropy. 

Student Directors are leading some key roles in organising the race including contacting schools, volunteers and donors. Our HQ team based in Hong Kong are providing professional mentorship, supporting systems and framework for them to put the event together. We allow our student leaders to be responsible for independently organised events for which we provide the opportunity but they execute.